Kim is an excellent writer whose skills are equally at home in advertising, public relations or journalism.

Bill Owens, National Copywriter at Gannett

Magazine Work

The Eye of the Storm and the Heart of MCDS

"In mid-September 2017, as tropical storm Maria developed in the Atlantic ocean, Ms. Lydiette Calderón-Cancel was in her first month of teaching middle school Spanish at MCDS. A recent transplant to Madison from Puerto Rico, Ms. Calderón-Cancel was enjoying her new position and getting to know the students in our community. As the storm grew into a hurricane, Ms. Calderón-Cancel and her sister, Blania, who lives with Ms. Calderón-Cancel, became increasingly concerned for their family left behind on the island."

The Arts at MCDS

'At morning assembly, a Pre-Kindergarten student proudly steps up to the microphone in front of more than 450 schoolmates. Later that morning, second graders perform their piano recital pieces to a room of proud parents and grandparents. In middle school art, students examine artworks from artists in different cultures. Near the end of the day, while high school musicians practice in the band room, other students refine skills in the improv elective with Theater Director James Wagoner, giving each other tips and advice on a better performance. It’s a day in the life of arts education at MCDS. Here, art is for everyone, and self-expression and creativity aren’t reserved for art class."
OnWard Magazine

Onward Magazine | Madison Country Day School

Biannual campus magazine, Onward, is produced and distributed in September and January of each year for the purposes of strengthening the MCDS Brand, building awareness, increasing inquiries/tours/visits/applications, engaging families to increase retention, and achieving development goals for annual fund giving from alumni and other stakeholders. Producing this publication includes recruiting and working with the Onward editorial team including parent volunteers, student contributors, and MCDS staff to establish editorial direction, creative design, and distribution.
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What Wisconsin Values Mean to Your Business

Any good successful business owner will tell you the key to success is understanding your market. In fact, not only should you know them, you should adapt to how they like to do business if you want to survive. Fortunately, many market demographics are easy to identify. You can usually figure out the age, sex, education level, and income of your customers. More elusive market identifiers are things like motivations, opinions, interests, and personality. Lucky for us, many Wisconsinites hold certain . . .

Why the BBB Loves Unhappy Customers and You Should Too

At the BBB, we talk, online chat, email, and write to many unhappy customers every day.  Our Customer Information Specialists and Trade Practice Consultants work hard to calm nerves, put problems in perspective, and get customers and businesses working on a resolution. For us, every unhappy customer gives us one more chance to teach someone good buying behavior, savvy consumer tips, and reasonable expectations. The BBB welcomes unhappy customers because they provide a great opportunity to work . . .

Shoestring budget? Try co-marketing.

If your small business is like most, your visibility and marketing budget is the last to see any action. And, because your budget is so small, it’s difficult to make an effective “splash” with potential customers. That’s where “co-marketing” comes in. Co-marketing means teaming up with another entity, usually bigger and better known with more resources. The goal of co-marketing is a mutual gain for both parties. The lesser-known company uses the better-known company’s identity to boost its . . .

The Hidden Costs of Scams

We’ve all been approached by one scam or another. Just thinking a moment on the subject, many come to mind. Putting aside scams directed at businesses including fake invoices, overpayment scams, and vanity awards, there are many, many ways scammers try to get money from unsuspecting consumers. In fact, the BBB has a site dedicated to informing consumers about scams including how they work and how to avoid them. Among the many year-round scams we hear about, there are stranded travelers, calls . . .

Marketing Materials

Vinkelhus-Øst/Vest Website

"Traveling is good for the soul. Seeing new places, experiencing new things, and meeting new people can spark creativity, renew relationships, and recharge your energy. I know this is true for me. I have done my best thinking on vacation and when I'm back home, I have a new lease on life. When I travel, I like to take in the details of where I am. The little things are what make a new place unique and can make all the difference in my vacation or travel experience."

Artist, astronomer, or author?

All of the above. At MCDS, students are free to experiment with many activities, try on different roles, and discover the many facets of their personality. Artists can be scientists, athletes can be actors, and musicians can be historians. In addition to involved homeroom teachers, specialized faculty in music, art, Spanish, science, and physical education help your child discover and explore the many possibilities of what they can become. . . .

Be who you are . . . and find out who you can become.

At MCDS, we believe seeking new opportunities and trying new things are critical to personal growth. By providing a wealth of challenging academic, athletic, and arts opportunities and a caring and supporting faculty, students are encouraged to discover the many facets of their character. Artists can be scientists, athletes can be actors, and musicians can be historians. Deeply rich opportunities at MCDS develop deeply rich individuals who are not afraid to be themselves and connect with who they want to be. . . .

We see potential.

Once your child loves to learn, the educational journey is a joy. Good study habits, an interest in reading, and a love for solving problems can all be developed at an early age. MCDS teachers recognize that every child has an extraordinary capacity to learn, and they understand why nurturing enthusiasm for school early can be key to your child’s success in later years. MCDS provides a world-class academic foundation, including dedication to whole child education with specialized teachers for science, Spanish, physical education, music, and art to unlock your child’s potential. Semi-private piano lessons begin for each child at grade one. . . .

Time-proven editor, writer, and marketer

Award-winning, multiplatform writer and editor well versed in creating content that engages readers and inspires action.

Seasoned marketer with experience analyzing data and using key information to develop vision, messaging, branding and effective communication strategy. 

Experienced in building and maintaining outstanding editorial teams and, in collaboration with those teams, creating successful and profitable publications that help connect our organization with stakeholders to increase engagement to improve retention and achieve development goals.

I think Kimberly’s best asset is that she's an expert communicator. She's a fantastic writer and a pro at media interviews because she’s always well-prepared, articulate and knows her stuff.

Susan Bach, Regional Director at Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin

Kimberly was an outstanding writing instructor for ITT Technical Institute. She applied her passion for technical writing, creative sense of fun, and interpersonal skills to teaching post-secondary students how to compose resumes, cover letters, and well-reasoned, persuasive essays.

C. Roberson, Continuing Professional Development Coordinator